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Chris writes:

I noticed you have an outstanding beard.

Is there any scientific evidence that someone can improve their beard growth, through the usage of any supplements or oils?

Well, thanks. Personally I think I look a bit like George V or Nicholas II but my wife seems to like it (she also loves the Romanovs so that might have something to do with it).

OK so let’s take a moment to think about hair (more…)


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Jonathan writes

I’m wondering about the process of a bladder filling up. Does it happen via some kind of “trickle” method, or is it some sort of gradual seepage? At what percentage “full” does the need to micturate register? The admittedly minimal research I’ve done online seems to indicate that most people are more interested in the expulsion of urine rather than the process of its collection.  Perhaps you can shed some light on this.

Ok so correct me if I’m wrong but the use of “trickle” and “seepage” there seems to be a way of saying direct or indirect fill; you seem to be asking if the bladder has a delivery system or whether it fills a bit like a sponge.


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Andrea writes:

Is it true that monkeys have been known to kill themselves? If that is true, do you think suicide is an animal instinct or are monkeys becoming more human? I heard about monkeys killing themselves in the Jonestown documentary. A woman was talking about how her sister got involved in the people’s temple. She said her sister had a monkey that had killed itself (a little pet monkey like Marcel from friends). After the monkey killed itself she met with Jones to get some grief counseling and the rest is sad history.

My, that’s a cheery question! It is an interesting one however, so let’s see what we can make of it.


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