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Now, it occurs to me that the most common blog is

“Diary of an uninteresting person who isn’t aware that they are uninteresting”

I’d like to avoid doing that. So I thought maybe I could offer a sort of public service. Ever since I was little I’ve been that kid who prefaced statements with “Did you know…” or “Well actually…” because I read a great deal and I loved telling people about what I’d read.

Back in college I used to help people write their essays because I tended to have a quick grasp on the subject matter, pretty much any subject matter (except sports trivia, could never remember any of that ) Even now my missus often calls me Nickipedia, which seems to be a pretty easy to understand pun.

So send me your questions; if there’s something you want to know or something you want explained. Hey, I also have a pretty clear opinion about things so if you want to ask questions along those lines, feel free to do that as well.

And I suppose I can also have a few other posts about things I find interesting and the like, maybe some recipes and book suggestions.


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