Now, it occurs to me that the most common blog is

“Diary of an uninteresting person who isn’t aware that they are uninteresting”

I’d like to avoid doing that. So I thought maybe I could offer a sort of public service. Ever since I was little I’ve been that kid who prefaced statements with “Did you know…” or “Well actually…” because I read a great deal and I loved telling people about what I’d read.

Back in college I used to help people write their essays because I tended to have a quick grasp on the subject matter, pretty much any subject matter (except sports trivia, could never remember any of that ) Even now my missus often calls me Nickipedia, which seems to be a pretty easy to understand pun.

So send me your questions; if there’s something you want to know or something you want explained. Hey, I also have a pretty clear opinion about things so if you want to ask questions along those lines, feel free to do that as well.

And I suppose I can also have a few other posts about things I find interesting and the like, maybe some recipes and book suggestions.

Amy asks:

Do you really think that Bella made the proper choice with Edward or are you more of a Jacob guy?

*cracks knuckles and searched for can opener*

Squeak, squeak, squeak, clunk

OK, that’s that opened, let’s answer this one.

You are, of course, referring the central love triangle in the publishing phenomenon and purveyor of “Our Vampires Are Different” par excellence Twilight.

For the uninitiated let’s take a quick yomp through the series shall we? There will be spoilers here but, by this point, either you already know all this or you don’t care and are hoping I’ll get back to talking about Newton or something so it’s all a wash (but stick around there’s pictures of pretty people for all tastes throughout!).


So there’s this girl by the name of Isabella Swan

Mope, pout, mope

who moves from nice sunny and dry Phoenix AZ to the oh so gloomy and damp Forks WA. She mopes about for a bit before the site of the oh so GORGEOUS Edward Cullen

Mope, pout, glisten like an overzealous stripper, mope

makes her

actually she’s still mopey and sullen but now she’s horny as well.

Edward for his part seems not terribly interested in her but eventually they do hook up. Bella (she drops the first three letters, it’s what her pant wettingly lovely boyf prefers) loves Edward because, er, hmm, because he’s a big old slab of red hot (well cold as the grave) man meat, figuratively speaking.

Edward loves Bella because, er, hmm, because she’s a big old slab of girl flesh, literarily speaking, this is because Edward has a secret. “What might that secret be?” you ask. Well let’s look at the clues.

He’s Icy Cold
He’s Pale
He mopes about a lot
He Avoids Direct Sunlight

That’s right Edward is Emo, no wait Edward is a vampire (and also Emo). Edward’s not one of yer common or garden solitary vampires though, oh no, the town of Forks and the surrounding area is lousy with the buggers, along with other things that I’ll get to in a moment. Some of them like Alice:

Awww! Alice

Are nice and friendly and constitute Edwards pseudo family. Others, like James

Boo! James

Are right nasty basts that are best avoided. The trouble is that is easier said than done and wouldn’t you know it, Jimmy decides that Bella would look quite good stuffed and mounted above his mantelpiece or something like that.

Well the friendly neighbourhood vampires won’t stand for that will they? Of course not, so of Bella goes to Phoenix again. This does not work except in a very Pyrrhic kind of way. Anyway, half-dead and back in Forks, Bella goes to prom with Eddie.

Herein endeth the first book

OK so,

A little while goes by and it’s time for Bella to be of legal age and so Edward does what any man dating a woman a fifth of his age or less would do, and throws her a birthday party. The trouble with parties is that there tend to be presents and those tend to be wrapped in paper, sharp, sharp, finger-cutting paper.

Having discovers that Vampires are even less pleasant to have around a paper cut than lemon juice, Edward decides that it’ll be safer for Bella if he and his family up sticks and skedaddle leaving her all alone in Forks.

“Sorry that my brother tried to kill you love but we’re all buggering off, see ya!” is not the best 18th birthday present ever, slightly better than the one Buffy Summers received from her undead paramour but still iffy all told I’m sure you’ll agree.

Naturally this sends Bella on a bit of a decline, one that is elevated by doing all sorts of extreme, sorry EXTREEEEEM sporting (and other) activities and through the friendship of Jacob Black

Jacob is nice and friendly and really into Bella but, wouldn’t you know it?, Jacob has a secret. “What is his secret?” I hear you cry. Well let’s look at the clues:

He’s possessed of luxuriant hair.
He’s really quite buff in a feral kind of way
The Moon is very important to him

Yes Jacob is a member of a medium weight metal band from the late ‘70s, no, wait, Werewolf, that’s what Jacob is.

Wolfboy Luvsa Girl

Poor Bella she simply can’t move on from her “dating the undead” phase can she?, no wonder she’s so grumpy. Still it has its advantages especially since Jacob and his pals can help protect Bella from the ticked-offedness of Victoria, erstwhile main squeeze James

Nice hair, holds a grudge

Ok so while she’s stringing the loup-garou along Bella is still partaking in enough extreme activities to warrant a promotional contract with Oakley shades including the oh so fun sport of cliff diving.

This causes a bit of kefuffle when Alice hs a vision of the end of one such dive and decides it’s actually a vision of Bella trying to top herself.

A-dor-able! If a little dense.

Naturally Alice let’s Edward know about this and, rather than perhaps going back to convince Bella that hey, killing oneself isn’t the best plan ever, instead responds with “hmm sounds like a plan” and decides that he’ll head over to sunny Italy to get offed by the ruling clique of all things vampiric. Luckily for the poor wee bugger, Alice and Bella manage to stop him only to have the Vampiric Idol judges tell them “Yeah dog this Human Vampire love thing is only aiight with me, maybe you should come back when the chick is either dead or undead”

“Sounds like a plan” mutters Bella.

Here endeth the second book.

Bored Now!

Oh hush vampire Willow, you don’t even appear in this vampire franchise, you’re in a bet.. another one.

She has a point though so lets see if we can speed this up a bit.

Blah blah “You can’t see the werewolf” yakity schmackity “he’s just a friend” blah blah “I’m going to disable your vehicle so you can see him” ho hum hey ho “you’re so right, what was I thinking” oh and “bwahahaha army of evil vampires spawned due to long held grudge” and we’re walking, we’re walking “bye bye Vicky”

Here endeth the third book.

The last one is spilit into three parts:

Parte the firste
“I now pronounce you human and inhuman monster”
“FINALY, let’s shag!”
“Uh you won’t like it”
“Oh go on”
“Alrighty then, but don’t say I didn’t warn you”

“Of course now le……………………..”
one black-out later
“I’m late”
ooh bugger”

Parte the seconde
“Dude this Vamp-human hybrid thing, it ain’t right”
“Yeah let’s kill it before it grows”
“Dudes!!! That’s the kid of the girl who I’m majorly crushing on! That’s it I’m done with you asses, don’t worry Bella I’ll save yoooooooooou!”
“Er, kind of busy right now, what with the bone shattering and the blood losing and OHMYGODTHEPAIN”
“Hang on let’s see if a little dab o’venom will do ya”
“Ooooh, babies is sexy!”
Let’s fail at the first major step of being parent and give the brat a name that destines her for the pole”

Might as well pop to Toys R Us; Renesmee’ll be needing this

Parte the thirde
“Oooh being a Vampire is great and having a self-aware hybrid abomination certainly beats sitting the little one in front of Baby Einstein for hours on end”
“Yes, about that, I think you know what we’re about to say, don’t you?”
“No but look she’s not illegal merely monstrously horrifying”
“Yeah you didn’t say nothin’ about no hybrid abonminations, just venomed up littl’uns”
“And look here’s a chimerical monster from back in the day, say hello Brazilian rainforest dude”
“Oh, ok that’s alright then, you’ve failed us for the last time Starscr… Irina, take her away”
“Sorry about that unplesentness, fancy joining our club of snooty toffs?”
Er, no”

And they all lived (or unlived I suppose) happily and creepily ever after.

OK so that’s the whole series summarized let’s think about the question.

Generally, when having to choose between two options it’s often helpful to consider the pros and cons, so we’ll do that:


• He’s pretty
• He sparkles
• He’s really nice to look at
• Did I mention he’s pretty?
• He’s icy cold to the touch.
• He makes it clear that his passion for Bella is actually a sublimation of his desire to eat her.
• His response to hearing his erstwhile girlfriend is thinking about suicide is to follow her lead.
• He stalks said girlfriend and then, when she expresses interest in seeing another boy, acts in ways that would normally send a woman running to the nearest court for a protection order.


• He’s friendly and helpful when Bella is feeling down
• He’s attractive and physically fit
• He protects Bella without having tangentially endangered her in the first place.
• He seems to share the poet Swinburnes unsavory fascination with babies
• OK that might be explained in the book by some sort of imprinting mechanism but considering what another of his ilk did to the one he’d imprinted on, this is not a reassuring explanation.
• He’s a “nice guy”
Hmm, yeah, not exactly a great set of recommendations really. I really think that Bella might have made a better choice had she chosen neither of the boys on offer.

I mean truly, if Bella simply had to end up with one of the undead there is a much better choice right there in from of her:

That’s right Alice. After all, Alice isn’t gloomy or mopey, actually seems to enjoy being a vampire and she and Bella get on terribly well.

Plus we’ve known since at least 1872 that vampire woman and human girl is a fascinating combination, and by “fascinating” I of course mean hot.

Anne Marie writes:

In 19th century novels, pertinent identifying details will be left out but represented by a blank, for example – “The militia was sent to the north in the county of ——–shire.”

Why is this?

First, thank you, thank you, thank you for asking a literature question I tend to get more science ones than anything else.  And that’s vaguely remembered from Jane Austen isn’t it?
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Question Number 8

Chris writes:

I noticed you have an outstanding beard.

Is there any scientific evidence that someone can improve their beard growth, through the usage of any supplements or oils?

Well, thanks. Personally I think I look a bit like George V or Nicholas II but my wife seems to like it (she also loves the Romanovs so that might have something to do with it).

OK so let’s take a moment to think about hair Continue Reading »

The Big Trip Asks…

Recently, I made a audition video for an internet show called The Big Trip. Have a look at it:
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Back Again

Back again, sorry for the hiatus. No new questions as of yet, just an idle thought, appropriately enough: Continue Reading »

Question Number 7

Onil asks:

Did Leibniz really steal the calculus from Newton?  Or was it simply two geniuses simultaneously reaching similar conclusions and their egos refusing to believe such a coincidence was possible?  And just how similar or different were their ideas?

Ooh Mathematics. Ok so let’s do a few introductions:

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Question Number 6

Faith asks:

My husband wants to do paper crowns this year for Christmas and I have only the vaguest idea what he’s talking about. Where did the use of paper crowns at Christmas come from? Why are they worn? And is it true that only boys can wear them? Because if that last part is true then he’s going to be the only one wearing a crazy paper crown while our daughters and I laugh at how dumb he looks.

Thanks, Nickepedia!!

Ok so the paper crown is a component in something everyone should experience at Christmas dinner; The Christmas Cracker.

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A Quick Note

So I’ve placed my acting resume on a new page should anyone be interested in looking at it.

Question Number 5

Jonathan writes

I’m wondering about the process of a bladder filling up. Does it happen via some kind of “trickle” method, or is it some sort of gradual seepage? At what percentage “full” does the need to micturate register? The admittedly minimal research I’ve done online seems to indicate that most people are more interested in the expulsion of urine rather than the process of its collection.  Perhaps you can shed some light on this.

Ok so correct me if I’m wrong but the use of “trickle” and “seepage” there seems to be a way of saying direct or indirect fill; you seem to be asking if the bladder has a delivery system or whether it fills a bit like a sponge.

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Question Number 4

John writes:

What is something that you do not like to do, but force yourself to do, because you know it makes you a better person? And why?

Well the simple answer is there’s really nothing that I do that I don’t want to because of that motivation. However, I do sometimes do things I don’t want to for a slightly different reason.

My missus does indeed do something she doesn’t want in one particular area; Continue Reading »